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ZSR Vortices Sdn Bhd ZSR Isopad, Cable Gland, Flexible Conduit, Stahl, Clamp, Terminal Block, Multi Loop Tubular Heater
EQ Petroleum Production Malaysia Ltd EQ Cable Gland Hawke
Kencana Jayamas Kencana Jayamas Plug Ceag
Rotorniaga Rotorniaga FRC Coverall
Penaga Dresser Penaga Dresser Cable Gland, Brass Nickel Plated, Locknut Earthtag, Shroud, Washer
EPOM Services Sdn Bhd Lundin Ceag Battery Set
Petrofac Malaysia Limited Battery Pack with LED Indicator
FPSO Ventures Repsol Bartec Fuse, Toilet Basin Sink Set Bathroom
Technip FMC Technip FMC Sherwood Proban Coverall
Semi Hermatic Engineering Semi HermaticEng Cable Tie
EQ Petroleum Production Malaysia Ltd EQ Cable lug, HV Insulation Tape
Kaneka Aplical Malaysia Sdn Bhd Kaneka Cooper Tubing, Brass Union Elbow
Kertih Terminal Kertih Terminal Wire Rope
Petra Resources Sdn Bhd Petra Resources Cable Marker
Dayang Enterprise Sdn Bhd KPOC Cable Clamp
Tractors Petroleum Services Sdn Bhd Tractors Metal Drum
Wood Group Engineering Sdn Bhd ExxonMobil Instrument Cable
Exxon Mobil Exploration and Production Malaysia ExxonMobil Fan Exhaust, Coil Condenser, Motor, Valve
Petronas Chemical Polyethylene Sdn Bhd PCSB Motor
Petronas Carigali PCSB Cable Tie , Lamp, Transfer Basket, Swisstool Victorinox, Battery Alcad
Malaysia Refining Company Sdn Bhd Malaysia Refining Company SdnBhd Coat Fire Titan Bristol